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It's been a little bit since I have "blogged" because life has been a little bit crazy, but my goal is to stay connected with my awesome clients/friends!  It's so hard to believe but it will be spring soon and there will be Easter, proms and Seniors graduating!  I've been busy doing Senior photos and I've been trying out some new things, which has been so fun!  Anna Grace rolled with me and it was fun getting some photos for her and her Mama!  Her Mama and I actually went to high school together!  How can we have children that are all grown up??  Keep an eye out for the possibility of Spring Mini Shoots and if you are needing Senior photos - reach out ASAP.  It's right around the corner!

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The Hutchinson Family What a fun time I had with the Hutchinson family!  Those kids were awesome and of course they were...they belong to David and Mary Helen!  I used to work with David and when he took Mary Helen as his wife, we were all so happy!  She was made for him and he for her and together, they have build a beautiful family!  Did I mention those kids have perfect manners?  Yes ma'am and no ma'am's are so good to hear these days!  

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